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So! Why is muzzleloading so popular?

The Editor

The recreational use of muzzleloading firearms is at an all time high, and seems to be growing daily. A wide range of activities involving black powder guns are available across the country, involving people of all ages. For those with a competitive bent, there is a muzzleloading event within driving distance on any weekend with temperatures above zero degrees! If history is your passion, living history re-enactments based on the French & Indian War, Revolutionary War, Mountainman/Fur Trade era or Civil War take place year round in all regions of the nation. Many of these events have become strongly family oriented and can provide an economical and educational vacation for a whole family. Hunting is also popular, and hunters harvest wild game from squirrels to Kodiak bear, and fowl from mourning doves to wild turkey, with muzzleloading firearms, and most states have a special primitive season for deer.

There has probably never been a better time to become involved in shooting black powder, as the selection of equipment available off the shelf has never been better! Cost is also very competitive compared to other sports, and the type/number of events is so vast that you can use your equipment for several of them, if you choose wisely.