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Summer Is Here! It's Time To Visit The Range

Note From The Editor

Well summer is final here. Winter is fast becoming a dim memory and the smell of green grass and leafed trees fills the air. During the summer many of us forget that fall hunting season is less than five months away. For those who are anticipating their first black powder hunt, this is the perfect time to purchase a black powder rifle and get out to the range. For all you old timers, a trip to the range will help you get re-acquainted with your favorite rifle or break in a new one.

This issue of Blackpowder Journal will help the new or old shooter. We have several articles to help you get the best performance from your black powder rifle. You will find articles covering some of the basic aspects of black powder shooting, choosing the right powder, developing a load, choosing a bullet and sighting in your rifle. Read these articles and then head out to the range, guaranteed you will tighten that group. Personally I can not imaging a better way to spend a handful of summer afternoons than at the range, punching paper and can.

This issue also has our first product review. The experts at the Log Cabin Sports Shop have consented to provide detailed product reviews of a variety of equipment. This issue they have reviewed the Remington 700ML muzzle loading rifle.

Read, enjoy and use common sense. Remember safety is 30% education and 70% common sense. If it sounds dangerous then it is.