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Summer Musings

Note From The Editor

Summer is tough. At times it is too hot to shoot, or too humid to walk through the woods. There is so much to attend to that one rarely has time to take a moment and reflect. The days seem to pile on top of each other at a hectic pace. Seem there is so much to do and so little time to do it in.

During my morning drive to work I find myself looking longingly at the woods, (Yes, despite popular belief, I have to hold down a regular job.), thinking about tall oaks, hickories and noisy squirrels. Last year I went squirrel hunting with a vengeance. At the end of the season I wondered why I had waited so long to have so much fun. An the best part was it was a great way to sharpen my shooting skills, scout for deer and get some good eating all at one time. Oh, I forgot the ten pounds I dropped walking up the hills. This year I can hardly wait. Squirrel hunting can be everything from a super hunt to the ultimate chance to meditate on the wonders of life. My side kick, Captain Jim, and I have promised ourselves an overnight squirrel hunt this year. I can already taste the squirrels and smell the campfire.

This summer I have managed to sight in a gun that I ordered for October. For whatever reason the gods have decided to allow me to receive the piece three months early rather than late. This has been a mixed blessing. If you think I am one of those mystic individuals that can simply disappear with a gun for a couple of days and return with it tuned and sighted, guess again. I have managed to work up a load for this rifle one hour at time, over several weeks, in between my normally exciting chores, grass, weeds, repairs, and editing the E-zine. At any rate I may have her ready by hunting season.

This issue has several interesting articles and I am proud to say our first report from a group of shooters outside of North America. The Rotorura Black Powder Club, from New Zealand sent in a report of their June shoot. Now around here we would call these guys "Hard Core". I am not sure if our best could make it through one of their shoots. We also have an article covering on of the fastest growing aspects of the Black Powder Sport in the USA, rendezvous and reenacting. Rendezvousing and reenacting are as much alike as they are different, they both involve black powder and are both family oriented. If we keep our families involved we will keep our sport alive. Mixed in with all this is a short history of black powder and an few tips on buying used equipment.

Enjoy the last glow of summer. Take the family to that black powder event, especially the kids. Got any comments or suggestions drop us a line.