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Remington 700 ML Advisory

Problems with the Remington 700 ML

We have received reports that some shooters are experiencing problem when trying to remove the breech plug from their Remington 700 ML. Apparently those that have experienced problems have not followed the manufactures recommended cleaning procedures, opting for quick field cleaning instead. Remingtion Arms has been made aware of this problem.

The Remington 700 ML requires removing the breech plug for cleaning at the end of each days shooting. Failure to remove the plug during cleaning may cause the breech plug to jam, requiring removal by a qualified gunsmith. Our recommendation is to follow the manufactures recommended cleaning procedure. Lubricate the plug with a "non-seize" or "choke plug" lubricant. As with all muzzle loading firearms, proper maintenance and cleaning are essential for the proper operation of the firearm. You must follow the manufactures instructions.

Another complaint concerns the proper load for this firearm. Our field testers have reported that the Remington 700 ML held the best groups with Sabot type bullet and around 70 to 80 grains of FF black powder. The next best was patched round balls. They have not found a bullet or maxi ball load that worked successfully with the Remington 700 ML. As with all muzzle loading arms some experimentation is required to find the correct bullet or ball and powder combination that will produce the best accuracy. Remember, large powder charges do not necessarily produce the best results.

For information read our field test of the Remington 700 ML published in the June 1996 issue of The Blackpowder Journal.